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Affiliate requirements are easy, for now:

- You must have a domain name!
- Should be a nice looking site, but if you can counter it with something else (something original, maybe?), you should do fine.
- A decent amount of hits, but no real numerical requirement here.
- Nothing illegal or pornographic - come on, we're trying to run gaming sites =].
- Another point... should be related to gaming in some way.
If you feel you meet the requirements, just go ahead to the Contact Page and select Affiliate as the subject then fill out the rest! In the comments section, just fill in your:
  • Site Name
  • Anything that makes you stand out from the rest!
 Latest Original Music
-No Name Fred
on January 22, 2008
on May 11, 2004
on May 11, 2004
-Classical Piano
on May 10, 2004
-Cool Piano
on May 10, 2004
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