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Gallery Mode:
Collect the Sorceress' kiss at the end of each level. Seat each of the four kisses to a power-up position. Once the game is completed, the art gallery will be unlocked.

Gameshark codes:
Master Code (Must Be On):
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Infinite Armor:
CE99281E BCA99B93

Infinite Jumps:

Infinite Shield:
CE99283E BCA99B8D

Infinite Sword Energy:
CE99283A BCA99B97

Infinite Time Super Armor:
CE992800 BCA9DF16

99 Death Coins:
CE992836 BCA99BE6

99 Iron Keys:
CE99282A BCA99BE6

99 Lives:
CE992826 BCA99BE6

999 Koins:
CE992822 BCA99E6A

999 Spirits:
CE99282E BCA99E6A

Always Have Gold Key:
CE9928C2 BCA99B84

Armageddon on Weapon-Up:
CE992812 BCA99B87

Boxers on Armor-Up:
CE99281A BCA99B83

Flame Tongue on Weapon-Up:
CE992812 BCA99B84

Frost Biter on Weapon-Up:
CE992812 BCA99B85

Helmet on Armor-Up:
CE99281A BCA99B85

Pure Blade on Weapon-Up:
CE992812 BCA99B86

Super Armor on Armor-Up:
CE99281A BCA99B86
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