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Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun
Updated at 9:23 PM

GOBY - Unlimited Ammo
GARIBALDI - All Reply Items
HOGFISH - Perfectionist Mode
TILEFISH - Silver Bullet
TANG - Bullet Shield
DAMSEL - Rubber Grenades
SEAHORSE - Men With Hats
PUFFER - Always Sniper
MANDARIN- Achilles Head
TRIGGER- Invisible Soldiers
BUTTERFLY- Unlock All Missions

Invincibilty Cheat: On the last level in the room with the pilots search the lockers on the left to find this cheat. Note: You must have the entrenching tool for this to work.


Entrenching Tool- " In Search of Yamashita's Gold" level get the lotus flower from the hands of one of the Buddha statues and take it down to the jail area. Place the lotus flower on the pedestal in front of the Buddha statue by pressing X. A message stating that "You have been enlightened" should appear and a door next to you will open. The tool is on the ground in there.

Machete:- "Pistol Pete Showdown" level go to the area where the prisoners are being held hostage on the posts, and the machete is under one of the huts.

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