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Metal Gear Solid 2
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Playing Around With The Marines:
When you are in the tanker stage, there are two holds. When you go to hold two, where there are marines, two projectors and two screens, go to the projectors and stand next to one of them then press the triangle button several times and a video will start. If you keep on pressing it another video will show on the second screen. Watch how the marines will act then!
Planet Level Dog Tags:
In the Plant level, the following number of dog tags give you:
73+ = Inf Ammo
121+ = Stealth Suit
170+ = Inf Grip
218+ = Inf Oxygen

Tanker Level Dog Tags:
In the Tanker level, the following number of dog tags give you:
46+ = Bandana
78+ = Stealth Suit

Semtex Hint:
There is a point in this game where you have to locate and destroy 12 control units for the semtex in order to get across a bridge. At the beginning of this area there is a cutscene where Raiden looks throgh the scope and identifies the "SEMTEX." If you press and hold the START button during this scene it will skip to 1 second clips of the locations of all 12 controls.

Stealth Camo:
Collect every dog tag in the game. When you start a new game you should have the stealth camo.

Guard from Shadow Moses:
After you gain access to the directional microphone in Shell Core 1, B2, proceed to find Ames like the cyborg said. Once you find Ames (he is sitting next to the only table with boxes on it.) and begin talking to him, you will be told to listen in on a conversation between Shalashaka (Revolver Oceleot) and "Solid Snake." Once the screen changes into the Directional Mike mode, turn to the right. If you search around enough, you will point towards a bathroom and hear a guard talking about his experience at Shadow Moses.

Picture trick:
If you take a picture of the bare chested man located on the locker in the engine room, when you get to the Metal Gear Ray room, the Marines will have forgotten their pants and will be wearing boxers only.

Getting the dog tag:
To get the dogtag you need to sneak behind the solider & point your gun at him, with the L1 pressed go in front of him & search his chest, he will drop the dog tag if he had one(you will notice the dogtag when you see shining spot in his chest) & he will drop more itmes if you search him more.

Other dogtags:
When Olga & the president are dead, shake thier bodies to obtain their dogtags.

Getting past the mine areas:
If you dont have a mine detector & you enterd a mine area the best way to get pass it is to crouch all the way & you can collect the claymores as well!

Easy way to defeat VAMP:
Sleep on the ground behind the pool fence & equip your m4 when he get too close to you, just before he shoots you shot him in the fps mode & repeat that until you beat 'em up!

Easy way to find Ames:
Use the book to draw the gaurd away then take your time searching.

RAYs battle:
In order to destroy the RAY you will need just some CHAFFs & a stinger, get close to it & dont fire until it opens it mouth to attack you with the rail gun. This will take more damege on it.

Thermal goggles:
When you deafet Olga go up on the roof & climb the tower. You will find a thermal goggles, use it to detect mines & laser beams.

Misc. hints:
If you dont have a scope use the camera instead. It works perfectly.

In the tanker chapter look at any bikini girl poster in fps view for about 10 sec then talk 2 otecon ...see what will happen

The socom suppreser is in the wharehouse strut. Go to the node room & search for the small vent shaft (you will see it on the map) that will take you to the other room.you will find it there.

Crouch on the ground to avoid the claymores & to get them at same time

To beat vamp in the first encounter sleep on the ground & prepare your M4 in the fps view, when he get close to attack you shoot. Repeat it until you beat'em up.

Knock out the wall to get the president's attention then use the nikita .

You can destroy the lights in the corridors.

Control the camera during Cut-Scenes:
Will in a cut-scene, press R1 to zoom-in, use the right analog stick to move the camera around.

Codec Moving:
Usign left and right analog sticks will rotat character faces, if you depress them will zoom. R1 lets you to their thoughts.

Stronger Grip:
Do 100 pull-ups to raise the grip level.

Misc. Hints:
If you beat the game (on any difficulty) once and have gotten the digital camera you can then start a game from that one and automatically have the camera.

If you beat the game (on any difficulty) and get all the dog tags for Snake he will get an infinite ammo bandana and if you do the same for Raiden you will get an infinite ammo wig. note: this doesn't have to be done in the tanker/plant mode it can be just tanker or just plant.

After beating the game once (on any difficulty) the "press start" screen will now be blue and have Raiden's face, and in the tanker the marines in the last section and single marine in the first section will not have pants but little heart boxers.

And just for fun, try sending picture of Olga (while she is unconscious) and some of the posters (you know which ones) to Otacon and see how he responds.

Go a different way into the holds:
As soon as the timer starts in the first hold, look in front of you, there is a cable. Flip over on the rail in front of you. Go across to the other side. Flip over. Flip over again where the cable is'nt. Pass on the left side until you can get up from the rail. Then go through the door, which leads to Hold 2. You can go over the side in Hold 2 and go across the rail on the left side. Get up from the rail when you can and you will be in Hold 3.
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