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May 10, 2004
Updated at 5:41 PM

These are some of the first tracks I ever created using a computer. Most were made years ago and I have since honed my skills and can (I hope) produce more substantial pieces. Anyway, here they are! Bear in mind that a lot of them are unfinished and end abruptly.

- Number 1 -- This one sounds like a slightly mysterious but interesting beat.

- Number 2 -- An actual beat I made for an amateur rap.

- Number 3 -- One of my best. Sounds like it should be in a game - for a very quick moving stage.

- Number 4 -- Also very mysterious sounding - something for a level in a castle or a creepy hidden area.

- Number 5 -- This I found hilarious when I actually listened to the thing carefully.

- Number 6 -- An older creation sounds like it could be used in a rap, can't apply any gaming type of situations for it. These days, though, anything goes.

- Number 7 -- Could be used as a theme for the nemesis in a game (maybe a kiddie game).

- Number 8 -- An uptempo piece for a type of level with lots of gears and machinery.

- Number 9 -- Has no real bass, the guitar serves as the ground for this short beat, could be for a "special" level.

- Number 10 -- Almost sounds like it could be an entrance for a wrestler, like one of the original pieces from Wrestlemania games.

- Number 11 -- A funky sounding beat - could be something for a very cool character.

- Number 12 -- A very simple sounding piece with nice percussion - I see it in a type of cart level, like in Donkey Kong.

- Number 13 -- Techno all the way - sounds like it could be in Mega Man!

- Number 14 -- Starts off kinda Egyptian-level sounding. Goes off on a weird tangent.

- Number 15 -- Spooky. Ghost house all the way.

- Number 16 -- Definite funky-ness here. I can't put it to a type of stage in a game at the moment... You decide

- Number 17 -- Some deep deep bass here. Drums very basic - but I think when I was making this I had the idea embedded in my brain.

- Number 18 -- "March of the funky rats" - as called by a friend

- Number 19 -- Also techno-ish. Mega Man is where it's at.

- Number 20 -- Starts off with the I-IV-V concept. Goes into some weird scary stuff after a while.

- Number 21 -- Video game classics time! Slightly based off the Warcraft theme. Only the high strings part though

- Number 22 -- I just call this one "X"

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