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Thursday, August 26 2004

Vietcong: Purple Haze
Updated at 3:17 PM
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This game is coming to the PS2 and Xbox. Here is information regarding it:
19 of the original missions have been optimized for the console with more enemies and intense combat specifically designed for the console gameplay.

In addition, two new missions have been created specifically for the console versions from PC multiplayer gameplay levels

Thunder Creek From Fist Alpha

Operation Pandora's Box From Fist Alpha

Death Valley From Fist Alpha

Field Guns Battery From Fist Alpha

Insertion From Vietcong

Ho Chi Minh Trail From Vietcong

Hunting Charlie From Vietcong

False Alarm From Vietcong

The Bridge From Vietcong

Outpost From Vietcong

Halong Port New Level

Storm New Level

Seize the hill part 1 From Vietcong

Seize the hill part 2 From Vietcong

Po Tlong Karai From Vietcong

Stream From Vietcong

They're coming From Vietcong

Too many targets From Vietcong

The last stand From Vietcong

Xbox Live: Multiplayer Game Types & Levels
Here is a table of all the game types and maps in Vietcong: Purple Haze and the corresponding maximum number of players per gametype.

Thunder Creek 10 10 10 10 N/A 10
Burn the Jungle 10 10 10 10 N/A 10
Arroyo 10 10 10 10 N/A N/A
Waterfall 10 10 10 10 N/A N/A
Halong Port 10 10 10 N/A N/A N/A
Po Tlong Karai 10 10 10 10 6 10
Storm 10 10 10 10 6 10
Stream 10 10 10 10 6 10
Mine Factory 10 10 10 10 N/A N/A
Maximum Supported Players per Map Mode

Assault Team Game (ATG)
On some maps, there is an ATG mode available. In this mode, every team has a specific objective.
Example: Protect the pilot
US team has to protect a pilot and escort him to the LZ. The pilot starts with a pistol and has a flak jacket to protect him.

The Vietcong team has to prevent the pilot reaching the LZ.
Capture The Flag (CTF)
Each team has a flag to protect. Steal your enemies flag and return it to your base. (Note: You can only score if your flag is still in your base.)

Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch (DM / TDM)
Deathmatch is a free-for-all where the player with the most number of frags wins. Weapons can be found lying around the map. In Team Deathmatch mode, two teams compete for the most number of frags.

Note: For both Deathmatch game modes, the player starts with just a handgun and has to find a primary weapon located in weapon boxes throughout the map.

Real War (RW)
Each map will have 3 or more flags for your team to score. Hold all flags on the map in order to score.

Co-operative (COOP)
Form a squad and play through missions together while fighting the A.I. controlled enemy.

Xbox Live: Configurable Game Modes & Player Setup

Quickest way to get into the action – use Quickmatch to join the first available Xbox Live section

Select Optimatch to join a specific Xbox Live session tailored to your own specifications
Choose Map, Game Type, Max / Min players, Skill Level, Friendly Fire (on/off)

Customize an Xbox Live match so other players can join

Map Name
Choose from 9 different maps.

Game Type
Choose Game Type (ATG, CTF, RW, DM, TDM)

End Rule
Set limits on a match in order to determine winner.
Limits for each game type is determined by a different set of values.

Set limits on a match in order to determine winner.
Time (5 - 90 minutes) / # of Frags

In Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, the winner is
determined by player or team with most # of frags by the
end of a timed match

Time (5 - 90 minutes) / Points (5-100)
In Assault Team Game, Real War and Capture the Flag
modes, the winner is determined by the team with most #
of points by the end of timed match

Public / Private Players
Set the number of Public / Private players allowed into a match.

Auto Balance
When enabled, balances the number of player in each team, in team based matches.

Friendly Fire
With Friendly Fire turned on, your team can be injured by your own fire.

Team Kill Kick
Setting the Team Kill Kick On, will automatically remove a player from the game if they kill members of their own team more than three times in a row.

Player Setup (both PS2 & Xbox)
Choose between VC and US.

Choose which body / uniform.

Choose which hat / bandanna.

Once you have selected your class at the start of a match, you stay at that class until you die.

1 - Press the START Button to bring up the Pause Menu.
2 - Select Player Setup and choose a new team, class and weapon.
3 - If the server has limited the classes, you may be unable to select them.
Next time you are killed, you will respawn into a new class.

Highlight and select Friends in order to access a list of Gamertags of
favorite players to play against.

Looking at the list, you can see who is on-line, and invite them to a game session.

How do you make someone a friend?
Send a message inviting the player to be a ≥friend≤. If they accept, they will be added to your Friends list.

NOTE: Once the friend has been notified that they have been invited, your Friend can go back to the Xbox Live Friends list and select join game from there.

QuickFight Modes (both PS2 & Xbox)
Choose a quick fight to practice your skills or to jump into instant action. Adjust and configure level of difficulty, number of enemies, etc.

Map Name
Choose from 9 different maps which are unlocked as you progress through the Single Player Campaign

Play either as a soldier of the US Army or Vietcong

When playing as the US Army, you can choose whether to be accompanied by a Media, half your team, or the whole team depending on the map, or go it alone.

When playing as the VC, you always go it alone.

Enemy Count
Choose the number of enemies on the battlefield: Several, Loads! or Too Many!

Choose type of enemies to fight against:
Vietcong (VC local, VC mainforce)
US Army (LLDB – Luc Long Doc Biet, SF – Special Forces)

Weapon 1
Choose your sidearm

Weapon 2
Choose your primary weapon

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